Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening

A fast, efficient and nowadays simple way to have a radiant smile with no damages. We can get a visible effect very fast, your teeth can be 3-4 shades whiter, and the lasting depends greatly on your hygiene, as well as your habits, smoking, drinking coloured drinks, such as coffee, tea, red wine, fizzy drinks, Coke, etc.


You could have a home and in-clinic whitening, as well as individual whitening of non-vital teeth, which are teeth that have no nerves.


Home and in-clinic teeth whitening differ by the concentration of gels that are used for the purpose of whitening, and then by the process length and by having a dentist to control the process.  In both cases gels containing carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are used, in different concentrations.


HOME TEETH WHITENING entails taking a mould of upper and lower jaw on the first visit and on the next one the patient gets an individual film-tray, that receives gels of lower concentrations -10,16,22 % of carbamide peroxide and are worn at night, usually 7 to 10 days.


IN-CLINIC TEETH WHITENING entails the application of a gel containing high concentrations of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, protecting the gingiva beforehand. After the gingival has been protected and the gel has been applied, we use a lamp to activate the gel.


The process itself lasts 3 x per 20 minutes and it is possible to repeat it after a few days.


In most cases patients feel temporary tooth sensitivity that lasts only several days.


Endodontically-treated teeth, non-vital teeth or so-called dead teeth are teeth that contain no nerves. They can grow darker with time and become visible when you smile and speak and it is then that we decide to whiten only that tooth in particular. The whitening process of a non-vital tooth only starts with an X-Ray so that we could determine the tooth is successfully treated. After that we remove the old composite filling and we place a small cotton wool with a gel inside the tooth. The cotton wool containing the tooth whitening substance is replaced mostly every 5 days, until the desired colour of the tooth is reached.


Fillings, crowns, veneers cannot be whitened.

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