Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats the inside of the tooth root canals – tooth pulp or nerves.


The most common cause of the tooth pulp disease is advanced decay, where the bacteria affect the tooth pulp. Frequently this can be caused by trauma, a blow or dental materials or composite filling with no foundation.


Endodontic treatment removes such infected or traumatized pulp, for the purpose of preserving the tooth. This means we have to treat the root canal. There are two methods of root canal treatment: manual and mechanical. The best results are achieved by combining these two methods. The most important thing is to remove the cause of the infection. If the cause is not removed and the affected area cleaned, it spreads to the periapical area, or the area surrounding the tooth root tip. However, even in such situations it is possible to successfully treat the tooth in a conservative manner, thus avoiding surgery.


When the canals are treated and infection removed with substantial canal irrigation, the root canal is filled (definitive obturation), by using gutta-percha points and sealers. (AH plus).


This procedure is completely painless and very precise at our clinic. In agreement with the worldwide standards, we use cutting edge equipment, apex locators, endodontic motors as well as mechanical rotary systems,  proTaper Next ,proTaper Gold.


Endodontically-treated teeth can be in function for a very long time i a firm foundation for a composite filling or a prosthetic replacement.


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