Dental tourism


Dental tourism

Dental tourism

The perfect blend of pleasure and our mission.


Mix business and pleasure, why ever not? We are here to make it happen and as easier as possible by providing you an all-in-one service, at much lower cost and in much shorter timeframe.


  • Dental services at a highest level – where quality outweighs quantity
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Free-of-charge downtown hotel stay with spa and jacuzzi
  • A local telephone number to stay in contact with us


A well-organised team always at hand. Send us your X-ray with your questions on our potential collaboration and you will be provided with a response, at a shortest time possible, 24 hours at the most, with preliminary treatment plan, as well as our stay duration and your future treatment price proposal.


Everything that needs to be done will be explained to you prior to your arrival. After that we shall agree on your departure date, and then you can leave everything to us. Meet the charm of Belgrade, enjoy the museums, restaurants, night life of our city and return home with the smile you have always wanted.


We are delighted about the great number of pleased clients, both from our country and abroad whose contentedness contributes to the expansion of our business, therefore we hope to have you satisfied with our high-quality service.

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